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Fábio S.
The end of year

This year was interesting, I've lived a lot of situations, but I'm happy with myself, after leaving somethings that was doing bad to me. I've learned with my mistakes and I can follow my life with a big smille. Day by day I think that my college is the worst, we are in seven guys of forty the professors are cool (someones), but the subjects aren't... We have some subjects that we look at it and asking "Why do I need to learn it?", they're useless... But ok, we make the tests and going to next year, there we will find others professors and subjects... At least the year is ending, the next is going to be worse, but ok.

We're going to have a vacations before that so, let's enjoying \o/

Nov 27, 2012 2:29 PM
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Fábio S.
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