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I want to make friends from the USA

I want to make friends(14-18) and improve my English! ;) I can help in French if you want! I love music and sing ! I love cinema too! ;) i'm very friendly so if you just want to speak that's ok ! As you can see I am not very good in English so if you can help me in return would nice! ;) So if you are concerned shall answer me! ^ ^ "Thank you very much. 

27 нояб. 2012 г., 18:25
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Hi Sarah you can add me on Whatsapps if you want me to help you with your English, and in return I would like to learn French from you. I am new to italki so I am not too comfortable with video calling and skype, so texting would be ideal for me! Please message me if you want to talk more! =)
10 января 2017 г.
Hi, my name is Rhaysa. I study English for two years and a need a friend to pratice my english. Can you help me ? I can help you with português if you want , we can train our english . I really like French. Thank you for your attention.
4 января 2017 г.

Hi sarah i added you in skype, i would like to practice my french with you and i can help you with english

2 мая 2014 г.
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