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I Am Dancing

This poem originates from Elina.  The imagery is very nice.  The black is the original version and the blue is mine.


I Am Dancing!


Yes, baby, just go on! Yes my darling, just continue...

Say something, no matter what Coo something into my ear, for all I care!
I just want to drown through your magic voice! I just want to be drowned in your mellifluous sound -

Your magic voice! Your sirenic/angelic voice!

Keep your eyes open, just see me! Keep your eyes open and see nothing but me!

Let my restless eyes settle down in the calmness of yours! Let my eyes rest in the calmness of yours.
just go on! Don't worry, I won't bite! [Just to add some "naughtiness"]

Like I am living a heaven! Am I in heaven?
Is it a dream? In a dream?
No matter! Does it matter?
You just go on, babe! Continue doing what you are doing! Just don't stop!

I love this drunkenness! Ecstacy in this drunkeness...
With which kind of wine you were drunken me? What voodoo magic
What was that? Did you cast into my wine?
No matter! It matters not
It's just like a miracle! But just don't wake me from this stupor.

I am living the heaven! I'm in heaven!
I am living the heaven! I'm in pairadaeza!

Winds are blowing!
Birds are singing!
Life is smiling!!


Just play this music more and more, sing this song, more and more!
Stop not this music,

Cease not this song.

I am dancing through your song! Dance I will,

Just go on!  Forever and ever

Just go on! Until a day after eternity comes!


Nov 28, 2012 10:55 PM
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December 2, 2012

I like it Smile

November 29, 2012
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