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Veronica in Echo
getting into a dead end!!

Perhaps I have hammered too much on grammar, recently I've found it a bit frustrating to try to analyse a comparatively complicated sentence, or distinguish two synonyms.. I result, i waste a greal deal of time and labour doing lots of useless stuff.  Is this called "getting into a dead end"!?

Any doctor can prescribe efficient drugs for such dilemma?

Nov 30, 2012 3:34 PM
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Thanks for your encouragement.  "Getting tied up with grammar", that's it. I am trying to break through to ties :) Thanks. Reading is not the most frustrating part for me since international dictionaries help a lot.  But we native speakers' way of thinking are quite different form those's in Western countries.  Our expressions would sound forced and unnatural to their ears. Vice versa. And when there came a new synonymous term, it became complicated... I think more practice and a natural environment are both crucial.


December 12, 2012

Writer's block, is the phrase you are looking for.  You are experiencing "writer's block".....  In my opinion the key to language is communication. Are you saying what you want to say?  If yes, then you are a clear communicator, and you are approaching fluency in a language.....  If you get so tied up with grammar, then you need more practice speaking with a native speaker, so that they can help fix some mistakes, and so you can keep learning. A learner of foreign languages must always be learning, no matter what.  Keep it simple, and good luck!

December 6, 2012
Veronica in Echo
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