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I'm very stressed out

Lately, I've been very stressed out that I don't seem to be able to think properly anymore. I feel nervous most of the time, and I don't seem to be able to have peaceful sleep either; when I sleep I dream of the things that I'm required to do. My mind is overloaded.... too many responsibilities and people depending on me. I desperately need a long, long vacation! I'm only a human being! Is there anything I could do to be more relaxed and think less?

Dec 1, 2012 9:38 PM
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It's all about your attitude. You choose to look at everything you have to do and feel overwhelmed or to simply focus on one thing at a time. Learn not to worry and remember that all problems eventually conclude themselves. 'Life goes on either way'. Always find time to take a bath, listen to some music, eat and sleep right, whatever makes you feel right; it doesn't matter how busy you are, you can spare a half hour for replinishing yourself. And learn to say 'no'; just because somebody asks you to do something doesn't mean you have to.




April 10, 2013

Hey Susie...I totally understand you. I spent a very long time like this. The thing is, its really hard to leave this point. To force yourself with things that you think will help you, is just more stressing.  

Think about positive moments in your life and start doing things which makes you feel good. If you think, that you have to do something, even you think that this will relax you ... leave it! That is just stress. Do things you want:)

And...start your day with a smile when you look in the mirror :)

I wish you all the best!!

April 19, 2013

watch Dexter series :) like me !

April 10, 2013

smoke a bowl and take it easy

December 1, 2012

Practicing Yoga is the most efficient to releive your stress. If not swimming is also very helpful. any work out, especially in group (zumba, dancing, etc) ould be helpful. Finally, if you cannot do any of these, just go out for a short walk and take deep breaths. 


April 19, 2013
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