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'Skype teaching'

How different it is to have lessons via Skype! As an experienced "traditional" teacher, I found it unsettling to have to speak to a screen at first, even though the human voice is there at the other end, if a little computerized.

Don't you share my point of view?

Dec 2, 2012 8:35 AM
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Oh sure, the Internet's revolutionized the way we perceive the world and distances in general, I'm not questioning this. Long live the Internet!

But in fact we have to get used to this new means (at least I do) as long as teletransportation is not available. Maybe next year? Smile

December 5, 2012

Maybe the only advantage that you're sitting freely without the need to wear nice and also you might be eating playing a game or even talking while you're sleeping :P

At last as we used to say the internet made the world like a small island and without it we should travel around the world alot to speak with freinds from other countries So anyway it's good enough and it's not that bad:)

December 4, 2012

2- The internet connection condition depends I mean when it sometimes disconnect that urges boredom and  the desire to continue it from both sides. 

3- The last one is about socializing in normal life not via internet it has it's own entertainment and excitement through your reactions or your body language doing that in front of a physical object kills the true spirit of communicating with someone this all reduces the interest in whatever you're doing.

December 4, 2012

If I get your point right, you're saying that teaching via skype or any chatting App on internet is less effective than face-to-face in real, If that what you want to say I totally agree with you, For me I can give you example to explain the reason more, I did try this once with a friend of mine form US, Here are the problems I felt during the voice conversation:

1- As any voice chatting you make via internet the voice isn't 100% clear using your word it's more "computerized" So for a not native speaker it's hareder than normal. 


December 4, 2012
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