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which technique will you follow to impress your beloved ones when they are angry about you?

i will prepare a favourate dishes,through it i will impress.....and also i honestly obey my fault and finally, i will say sorry.....

Dec 5, 2012 1:42 PM
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very nice thought..

January 11, 2013

Keep silent for a while. Then when chance comes, explain myself or say sorry and that I will do it better next time and make them happy regarding that matter by doing it well the next time. :)

If it's my lil' sis, make her laugh in some other matter and let her forget about this :)

January 11, 2013

better make sure that they are not angry)))

December 5, 2012

If it is my girlfriend then I will give her Chocolates and Flowers.

I don't have one though.

If it is my family members then I pretend to be crying or sad, and do not eat my lunch or dinner then they usually get pleased and say that "Why you show your anger on food. have mercy on it atleast and next time dont repeat"

He he .


December 5, 2012
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