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Translation of a Chinese Poem
This is a Chinese poem I wrote one year ago. Now I want to translate it into English to share it with you. Feel free to polish the translated version or write another translation or just give comments. :)

独立自强 Independence

小河蜿蜒,志归大海, Rivers wriggle, desiring to pour into the sea.

小树茁壮,志在参天, Trees prosper, wishing to touch the sky.

是花儿,就该绚烂, Flowers are born to bloom.

是星儿,就该闪耀, Stars are meant to shine.

不做藤曼,不蔓不枝, Never be a vine with creepers and branches.

做一棵树,立成风景, Just be a tree, standing as a scenic view.

用寂寞,换来自由, Get freedom with loneliness.

用自由,消解寂寞, Kill loneliness with freedom.

幸福简单,道路却难, Happiness is simple while the road is tough.

活的快乐,每天一点, Live joyously, at least a bit everyday.

不狂喜,不彻悲, Don't ecstasize; don't grieve uncontrollably.

不言弃,不固执, Don't give up; don't be too stubborn.

不把暂时当成永恒, Don't take a moment as eternity.

不把话语当成誓言, Don't count words as promises.

用行动浇开果实, Take action and you will get fruits.

用坚持创造奇迹, Keep holding on and you will see miracles.

行动是一切基石, Action is the footstone of all.

改变在每时每刻, Every minute you can make a change.

抬起头向前看, Head up and look forward:

我的未来正鲜! The future is just fresh and new!

Dec 6, 2012 3:46 AM
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