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Imgaine you live in a world where there is no ..., will you be happy?

Imgaine you live in a world where there is no suffering, no repression, no inequaliy, no evil, no anything undesirable, but filled with good, how will you feel? What will you be? Will you be happy?

Dec 11, 2012 4:08 AM
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leandroadolfo, it's exactly true. we can not understand positive without negative. but positive and negative are coming from our mind. we should across mind to obtain peaceful with the word . it's a solution but it's not easy to gain and it needs experience which achieve by living and tolerate suffering.
December 13, 2012

A world without suffering is the most desirable but, simultaneously, unthinkable to achieve it because our human condition makes us live with positive and negative feelings that we experience in relation to the inevitable events in live, such as birth and death. Just as we could not understand the laughter without tears, pleasure without pain, is truth that is everyone's responsibility to do a better, more caring, pleasant and happy world, starting just now, without waiting for what others would do.

December 13, 2012
I don't want say you fancy your life.I mean the situation that you discussed.
December 13, 2012

I don't fancy my life. You've got a good point.

December 13, 2012

i think it's confilicting with the essence of being. life is the sum of good and bad things. as, i think, you know we have Yin and Yang in every phenomenon which complate it. life need evil inequality ... for its evolotion.finally i think i'm not happy in this life which you fancy.

December 12, 2012
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