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The most bitter jokes

one day a man was walking along the central park in New York .suddenly he saw a dog that has attacked to a little girl then he ran toward them , finally he killed the dog but rescued the girl and saved her life . 
a policeman that has seen them , came toward them and told the man that you are a hero . 

The next day , newspapers wrote that a hero man from New York , saved a little girl's life . 
but the man said : i'm not form New York . 

tomorrow morning newspapers wrote : A hero American saved a little girl's life. 
the man again said : i'm not American . 

Then asked him that where are you from ? 
he said i'm an Iranian . 

The next day : 
newspapers have written : 
A radical Muslim , killed American innocent dog .... 

Dec 12, 2012 6:58 AM
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