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Tell me about Christmas in your country!

I'd like to know about, how people in different countries celebrate Christmas.

Do you have a tree?

When and how do you get your gifts?
Any special food for Christmas time?
Do you have Christmas markets




Dec 13, 2012 1:55 PM
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In Russia Christmas is mainly religious holiday and we celebrate it on the 7th of January which is the 25th of Dec. according to the Julius Caesar calendar used by the Russian orthodox church. New Year is more popular and we celebrate it on the 1st of Jan. like everywhere. In any case there are 10-days holidays  till the 9th of Jan. , so it,s enough time for relaxing and celebrating.

December 18, 2012

In France, we have too a tree which is decorated. In the top of the tree, there is often a star. We buy and give presents at Christmas.


Christmas is celebrated. We spend time with our families and take a meal which is fat and weighty...

We begin the meal by some sea foods (like salmon, oyster, crabs...) then we eat "foie gras". After we can eat fish. 

Between the fish and the meat (turkey, chicken...), there is something that we called "trou normand" (norman hole) which is a little ball of ice with brandy.

Then we eat salads and cheeses (France is the country of cheese, don't forget it !). Sometimes, peoples are eating fruits (orange, mandarin, apples, kiwi, bananaes...).

To finish, we can eat pastry or frozen log.

And because, we haven't eat enough, we eat chocolates :)

January 2, 2013
Yes, we have salads "Оливье" and "Селёдка под шубой" on the New Year table =))
December 23, 2012

Of course we have New Year tree, it should be a lot of very good food and drinks, probably meat salad "olivje" is typical for the holiday.we do not have a lot of Christmas markets,but the shops are really crowded.

December 18, 2012

Haha, Christmas is frowned upon in our country. It is considered a foreign holiday, that doesn't go along well with Jewish traditions... Some people still selebrate it though, for example those who came from russian-speaking countries (like me, for example). It's not forbidden, no, not at all, just criticized.

That's a good question, by the way, I would be glad to see more answers from different places.


December 16, 2012
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