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"иметь" - to have


я имею

ты имеешь

он/она/оно имеет

мы имеем

вы имеете

они имеют


This verb is not used in the everyday sense of possession ("I have a car" is "У меня есть машина" not Я имею машину). Instead, it is used with abstract nouns in a number of fixed expressions:


иметь право "to have the right"

иметь место "to take place"

иметь возможность "to have the opportunity"

иметь в виду "to have/bear in mind"

иметь значение "to matter"


Примеры: Вы имеете право. You have the right.

               Это не имеет значения. (gen.) It doesn't matter.


Can you say these in Russian?


1. Have you any English books?

2. Excuse me, do you have any coffee?

3. I have many Russian friends.

4. Natasha has two small sons.

5. It does not matter at all.

6. I hope I will have the opportunity of seeing you here often.



17 дек. 2012 г., 7:48
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Dear Marina,


Thank you for the explanations. Very helpful.



18 декабря 2012 г.
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