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The pronounciation!!

I constantly have trouble figuring out the difference in pronouncition between:

'm' and 'b'

'g' and 'k'

'd' and 't'

'j' and 'ch'

'o' and 'oe'

I am wondering how you people adapt to this? Is there a trick or something?

Thanks! ;)

Dec 20, 2012 1:36 AM
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There are a lot of videos in Youtube that can help you with pronounciation and even online resources like Korean Wiki Project.

But you have to remember that a lot of jamo don't necessarily have to be pronounced like they are supposed to be said. It depends more on the comfortability/continuous flow of the whole word, that's why some are said differently.


When you said you can't distinguish M/B (I'd understand G/K or D/T etc), it's because of the reason above. The number one example for it is the word 합니다. Try saying 감사합니다 with 합 pronounced as P, then compare it to pronouncing 합 like 함. You will notice that it is easier to say it as 감사함니다 and you can even say it faster. There's a continuous flow in the word when you say it like that and not as감사합니다.


There are more rules when it comes to pronounciation, so just continue studying. ^^


January 10, 2013

Thanks for the help. ;)

Yeah I understand! :)

January 7, 2013

Haha!! Exactly!! I think once I become familiar with the words, pronounciation wouldn't be much of a problem anymore!

January 7, 2013

It is difficult indeed. I was just telling my Korean friend that her ㅁ sounds like a ㅂ to me. haha

January 5, 2013
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