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Mahesh Kumar
How is your pace of life going?
Dec 25, 2012 5:13 PM
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It becomes quick but I totally believe pace of life in my hometown is relatively slow; Quick pace brought many people especilally old people maladjustment. Now what I see in my hometown is totally different from that 10 years ago. 10 yaers ago, people were poor but happy. They felt relaxed and liked to go out standing at street and talking to each other. Whenever I saw them, they were smiling. But now, adults or children prefer staying at home and playing computer. They talked very little to each other. If you see some children talking together, they must be talking about computer games.

That's very bad.Frown  

December 26, 2012

@LeeDH. That's good and as far I'm concerned, it's going at a hurry pace but want to do some different things at this pace. I'm hoping very much with the coming new year. God bless me, you and everyone in the world. Always be confindent feel like you can do everything.

I wish everyone every success with the coming new year.



December 26, 2012
At a hurry pace just like the rest of the world. It depends on the sort of area which you live in, urban or rural. If you lived in a sleepy town everything would move very slowly. But that's not my case. I live in the head quarter of a country and I go with the flood if you know what I mean.
December 25, 2012
Far too quickly! The last year has flown by, probably because of being very busy with work and family. But I'm happy and healthy so I cannot complain! How about you?
December 25, 2012
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