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Do you enjoy traveling alone? Is it acceptable to do where you live?

When you travel, whether it’s to a new country or just the forest outside your city, you see and experience all sorts of exciting new things. It’s fun to have someone there to say, “Wow, look at that!” or to remember your trip with later.

But traveling alone has it’s advantages too. With no one else to please, you can do and see exactly what you want to. You can make new friends more easily since you’ll talk to strangers to avoid loneliness.

2012년 12월 26일 오후 10:07
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Traveling alone is better for language learning, I think. When I travel with other English speakers it's too easy to just sit in the "English bubble" and not challenge myself.

2012년 12월 29일

as for me I don't mind to travel alone. Generally I do it this way. And It gives more opportunities and advantages: you have much time to go anywhere you want and you must speak only english to contact with local people))  it's fun!

2013년 5월 2일

i don't like to travel alone. 'Cause it is uninteresting i can't tell anyone my impression about subject of trip. And i would like to travel with my girl.

2012년 12월 29일

I don't think traveling far away alone is at all advisable for girls. Sadly but true. Maybe to a city nearby within the same area, but to other distance places, I wouldn't do it not even in my country so let alone going to a country where I don't know anyone. It is true that you will talk to strangers, not only to avoid loneliness as you've mentioned, but because you will be forced to talk to someone at some point.

But I guess the traveling experience in itself is fun and great, sharing it with someone will only add to the greatness. :)))

2012년 12월 29일

I like travelling alone because in this case I can do what I want to do, stay where I want to stay, and eat what I chose to eat. I can say "Wow, look at that!" later showing my photos. 

2012년 12월 27일
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