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Your English Project

* What is the hardest thing, for you, about learning American English pronunciation?

American idioms/slang


* Do you actually want to learn the pronunciation of American English?

 I am actually interested in learning American English more than British one.


* What is the most important thing that I should include in my new system?

TESOL/TEFL. I would like to become a volunteer English online tutor, so I can be confident and qualified teacher. I do not have any background or a work experience.


* What isn't needed and should not be included in the new system?



* What would help you the most in learning pronunciation: video, audio, or written text?

 All of these methods are great.

* What else can I do to make this project the best possible? (Tell me your thoughts.)

 You should not only focus on pronunciation. This must include the four skills of learning/teaching English, plus the grammar. Regarding the teaching, it'd be better if you provide the following:

  • Teachers and learners. *
  • Introduction to English grammar and parts of speech.
  • Teaching theories, methods and techniques.*
  • The present.
  • Managing classes.*
  • The past.
  • How to teach new language.*
  • The future.
  • Teaching receptive skills.*
  • Modals and conditionals.
  • Teaching productive skills.*
  • Passive voice and other commonly taught grammar items.
  • Teaching pronunciation.
  • Lesson planning.*
  • Lessons in practice (Video/CD ROM).*
  • Course books and other classroom materials.*
  • Educational technology.
  • Evaluating and testing students.*
  • Teaching special groups.
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Supplementary unit/module - Finding a job and thirty-five top tips for classroom teaching. 

You can add more assessments and quizzes, so you can track the progress of students.


To begin my session with you, add me on Skype. My Skype ID: cutegirl2246


Jan 1, 2013 12:21 PM
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Hi there!


Thanks for the very well thought out and description response. I will definitely take your suggestions into consideration. You have a lot of great ideas!




Bre :)

January 4, 2013
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