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Basic Tagalog Grammar: Understanfd Tagalog Easily: Self help

I just knew there are groups here. anyway, I can only help you through my entries because I am a  private Tagalog tutor [ live tutor, face to face]. I do offer tutoring service to those expats who are currently in our country

[ Makati and Taguig Cities, Philippines]. For those who are browsing just read the topics on my entries as they are also the same lessons I use to teach my foreign learners. Maraming salamat at Magandang araw!


Check my notebooks/ entries about Tagalog [ Filipino language]

I have a good reference book for the things I wrote here. But then, I am not a graduate of "Major in Filipino". Professional corrections are welcome!

Singular -Ang (it’s “the” in English), it is the focus marker in Tagalog
Plural -Mga- pluralizes nouns , comes before the noun
[ never at the end]
Ang ibon -the bird
Ang mga ibon -the birds
Ang bata - the child
Ang mga bata - the children
Ang nanay -the mother
Ang mga nanay -the mothers
Ang aklat -the book
Ang mga aklat -the books

Personal Markers
si - marker use to identify a specific names [of person,
animals etc]-for singular names

sina - marker use to identify specific names of person
-for plural names
Si Anna, Si Peter, Si Karla
Si Browny [a dog's name]
Si President Aquino, Si Secretary Cruz
Sina Patrick, Karl, at Noel

At - is “And” in English
Kape at gatas -coffee and milk
Upuan at mesa -chair and table
Eva at Lucy -Eva and Lucy

Uses of “Sa”
Sa- similar to the English preposition ‘to’, ‘towards’, ‘in’, ‘on’ , ‘at’, ‘from’ and ‘belong’, or ‘belonging to’

For Ownership
Sa akin /mine
Sa iyo /yours
Sa kanya hers/ his

Kaninong bag ito? /Whose bag is this?
Sa akin. / Mine.

For Places
Sa kwarto/ in the bedroom
Sa kusina at/ in the kitchen

Saan ka kakain? / Where will you eat?
Sa kainan. / In the dining area.
Sa Kenny Rogers. /In Kenny Rogers.

For Cities/Towns/Barangay
Sa Makati
Sa Barangay Bel Air
Sa Houston, Texas

Saan ka pupunta? /Where are you going?
Sa Pasay City. / In Pasay city.

Sa- use to refer dates, exact day of the week, months, and year
Sa Lunes/ on Monday
Sa Biyernes/ on Friday
Sa birthday/ kaarawan ni Paul. On Paul’s birthday.
Sa a- kwatro ng Marso [ with Spanish words]
on the 4th day of March or
Sa ika-apat na araw ng Marso [ Tagalog way]

We also use SA for future events only. NOT past nor events currently happening

Specific events
Sa kasal ko/ on my wedding
Sa kaarawan ni Juan /on Juan’s birthday
Sa araw ng binyag/ on the day of baptism/on the baptismal day\
Sa Pasko/ on Christmas

Jan 3, 2013 6:31 AM
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Ohh I only know how to speak Filipino but I dont know what sithe rule and regulations or how they work.

July 4, 2013

Thank you for this! I am just starting out learning Tagalog and your notes relly helped. I am excited to learn more.

July 4, 2013

Maraming salamat I have learned some words that I been wondering about and when I read this I fully understand the concepts of tagalog even though im filipino I still dont know alot i only knew so little so salamat,Mabuhay,at Ingat ka din Smile

January 4, 2013
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