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What are your favourite news sites?


Which one do you considere more unbiased?



4. Jan 2013 12:53
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I like The Guardian's website too.
I don't know if it's because I'm a foreigner and this news paper (I used to subscribe the paper one) is "open-minded", but I like it a lot.

In Brazil (for those ones who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese), I'm used to reading Carta Capital ( and Istoé ( The first one is very biased, totally Left wing. About the second one, I can not say it's totally Right. But it's not Left, not at all.

11. Januar 2013

Design News and Stuff:
Smashing Magazine
Visual Magazine.

and well.. many others.

9. Januar 2013

El Pais

Funny and curious News:
The Daily Mash
The Onion
El Jueves

Social Media & Tech News:

9. Januar 2013

Shaimaa and Jeff thank you for your comments. Neal, thank you for all the links I am watching at them :)

6. Januar 2013

News without lying don't work. You must hear news from all sides to reach the real news.Money Mouth

4. Januar 2013
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