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What people in Netherlands like and dislike? As I'm gonna go to Netherlands for study ,I'd like to know more about the habits and cultrue of local people so that I can adapt to this nation ASAP!Plus,I do like to learn Dutch as much as I can before I go there coz that enables me better communicate with the natives.
4 de ene de 2013 16:45
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They love to ride bicycle everyday when go to school. :D

6 de Enero de 2013

I mean, what is their night life like?In other word,what will they do in their night life?Like,hanging out in the pubs or somewhere else?

5 de Enero de 2013
yes, it is their night life. Their culture is different and nice. My friend lives in Netherlands but it is very boring.
4 de Enero de 2013
So ,what's suppose to be their night life?
4 de Enero de 2013
My opinion Netherlands is good country and all people talk about their night life :)
4 de Enero de 2013
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