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More knowledge makes more problems

As far as I am concerned,provided you are keen on studying in higher educational levels, you will find many affection on your life e.g it makes society high expectating , you comprehend manything more than others and  loosing many enjoyment of life or reach them later than others like marriage cos of your situation and your business. Maybe you loose life skills of understand them really late. Am I right?

Jan 5, 2013 9:55 AM
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This question is not so difficult.

To face the original resource and information is important.

 If you pursuit the second or third resource and information , you are right.

  More studying, things will be more complecated.

 If you pursuit the original resource and information , you are wrong.

  More studying, things will be more simple.

January 5, 2013

Yes, where is true I!!????

January 5, 2013

I agree partially with you. I think it's up to you whether you forget about your talents or not, whether you develop them or not. Besides, some people look for some kind of confirmation of how supreme they are and instead of doing good things for themselves to be happy and fulfilled, they concentrate on geting a diploma(s) and they think they're better humans because of a degree they achieved. It may be a problem with self confidence, ego... I'm not sure. But novadays we forget about our connection with nature, we forget that we are part of it so we should coexist with it, not just try to measure it and describe it... We are lost in our minds, we belive in every thought, what we should or shouldn't do, achieve, get, do, what others expect from us... Where is true I?

January 5, 2013

every person has their own idea i think no and yes but more yes

January 5, 2013
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