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Useful Tagalog phrases, greetings, and questions: Self study


Magandang umaga!/ Good morning!

Magandang araw! / Good day! [ beautiful day]

Magandang hapon!/ Good afternoon!

Magandang gabi!/ Good evening!

Magandang tanghali! [ Americans don’t greet “Good noon!”] this is a greeting in the middle of the day  by Filipinos


Useful Tagalog questions:

Anong pangalan mo?/ What is your name?

Anong pangalan niya?/ What is his/ her name?

Ilang taon ka na?/ How old are you?

Saan ka nakatira?/ Where do you live?

Taga- saan ka?/ Where’re you from?

Anong trabaho mo? Or Anong hanap-buhay mo?/ What is your job? What is your livelihood?

Anong nasyonalidad mo?/ What is your nationality?


Ilan ito?/ How many is this?

Expected answer: numbers


Magkano ito?/ How much is this?

Expected answer: numbers/ price of the item


Saan ito?/ Where is this?

Expected answer:  the place /  Sa+  [ name of the place]

Note: we usually use the question “ Saan” if we have verbs in our  question


Saan tayo kakain?/ Where are we going to eat?

We answer:Sa  isang restaurant./ In a  restaurant.

It is incorrect to ask : “Nasaan tayo kakain?”


Nasaan ito?/  also means Where is this? [ suggested question for locating a place  when a questions doesn’t  have  verbs]

Example: Nasaan ang  Philippines?/ Where is the  Philippines?

We answer: Nasa South-East Asia.

Nasaan si Claire?/ Where is Claire?

Nasa Manila si Calire./  Claire is in Manila.


Kailan ito? / When is this?

Expected answer: Sa +  date, date, exact day/ month/ year


Sino ito?/Who is this?

Expected answer:  name of the person,  Si________  or Sina _________


Ano ito?/ What is this?

Expected answer: name of the object + ito   [ or another pattern is : Ito ay  bola.]

                            Example:    Bola ito.  / This is  a ball.


Useful phrases and others:

Salamat!/ thank you!

Maraming salamat!/ thank you very much!

Walang anuman.  / you are welcome!

Pasensya na./ also use like “ I am sorry”

Mawalang galang na.  / we rarely use this nowadays . it means  “ excuse me”

Patawarin mo ako.  / Forgive me/ Please forgive me.

Sori./ Sorry.

Sori talaga./  I am very sorry.


Ok ito./ This is ok./ This is good.

Ayoko nito./ I don’t like this.

Ayaw ko nito. / the same: I don’t like this.


Gusto ko nito. / I like this.

Gusto ko ng ___________./ I like  ____________.

Example: Gusto ko ng ice cream.   / I like ice cream.


Kailangan ko ng ____________. / I need __________.

Example: Kailangan ko ng kutsilyo.   / I need a knife.


Masarap!/ delicious! Taste good!

Hindi masarap! / awful! Taste bad!


note: please correct any typo errors.


maraming salamat sa inyo!

Jan 5, 2013 10:33 AM
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 how about goodnight?? hehehe

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