Native English speaker looking for Japanese-speaking language partner.

Hello, everyone. I am a 22-year-old senior college student who has applied to the JET Program with hopes of studying and teaching in Japan. I want to improve my Japanese language skills so I don't make a fool of myself, though.

I love the Japanese language and am very dedicated to learning and becoming fluent. I can read simple sentences in Japanese, but I am bad at speaking or writing it because I'm scared to try.

I have tutored English grammar and structure in a college Writing Center for over 2 years, so I can help with English.

Anyone interested in long-term language exchange? Please comment.

2013年1月7日 08:02
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I am new to italki and this is my very first message sending to someone lol

This comment was made 3 years ago? wow...I hope it still works lol

So you actually came to Japan and now back in the states right?

If you have time, you can try your Japanese on me on Skype and I'd want to try my English to you too.

My English is not really fluent but I'd want to try my best to explain Japanese to you too.

Hope we can chat on Skype someday~

Hey, I just started learning Japanese so I don't think I am much help unfortunately. I was wondering if you had to have a degree or diploma to be accepted into the JET program? I was thinking of applying. Thanks in advance.
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