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Mechanical Translator Stumper

10 Jan 2013


The first is from Google Translator:


I saw the snow swirling but not plum
Fragrance scarred do not need to see Huaminglou


The next is from Bing...


I saw snow falling can't

Made of Pu Pu do not need to spend out
Can you figure out what I had in mind in Chinese?  Would you like to try your hand at it?  It would be great if you can complete the next two lines.  I am stuck.  Anyway, after this weekend, I will be gone from italki at least for two whole days.  This is because I am flying across the Pacific to Hong Kong.
11 Jan 2013
After a night of dreaming, I came up with the rest...  You must excuse me for the English logic.  Actually, there was an incident at work that made me come up with this idea.  I shall leave the English translation later.  This is a very interesting piece for translation because of certain words used.
2013年1月11日 07:35
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I shall be writing a detailed explanation and translation notes soon.  Then it will be more fun when we discuss and have different opinions.

lol. thank you Jeff, it's fun.

I commend you for your efforts!  The meaning of the first line is passable while the 2nd may not reflect accurately what its intention was.  However, this is OK since there is no context in which this two lines reflect :)  Hold on we shall start discussing the translation in depth when others have tried their hands.


It can be done but it may not give the exact sentiment.




Snowflakes are floating densely, leaving the prunus-mume flower hidden from my eyes;

Breezes of fragrance, however, remind me that they are blossoming secretly around-a scene, thought wonderful, does not need to be found.




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