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Who wanna join Skype gorup call, for improving by fun !?

I joined group call on Skype before, it was awesome. In my point of view this kind of practicing is not only imporving English, but also shares knowelge about different things like culture, health ...etc

Whoever want to join the group, it will be like picking random topics to talk about, as if we are playing spin the bottle, every one of us will take his/her turn to express him/her-self, opinon, topic...etc

Welcome to any speaker level, just type your Skype name, and lets co-ordinate the suitable common time.

Jan 11, 2013 1:21 PM
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my skype name :mai.zi1  please addme please

March 7, 2013

mine is:rgoldwendy.

March 1, 2013
Hello My name is turgut I want to attend your group. My Skype name is Please Can you add me your contact list.? Sincerely
March 1, 2013

i too join in ur group my skype id is r.sureshjai

February 25, 2013




let's talk!! :D

February 25, 2013
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