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"Say cheese!" in different languages.

In English, when we take a picture we try to make people smile. So we ask them to say "Cheese!" because it makes your face look like a smile.

In Spanish speaking countries I've heard people say "whisky!" And in China they say "茄子(qiezi)!" (which means "eggplant").

What about in other languages? I'm especially curious about French, Arabic, and Russian since I'm learning those. But I'd like to hear about others too.

12 de Jan de 2013 às 03:19
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In Spain we say "patata" which means potato Smile

23 de Janeiro de 2013

In catalan we tell "Lluis" a person name, "Louis" in english.

20 de Janeiro de 2013

Oh wow. That one definitely wins the competition so far. 

20 de Janeiro de 2013

FORMAGGIO!! hahha no, actually the italians say "cheese" too. Italians didn't bother to change it. Some people might say "CESSO" which means toilet... I never understood this thing of trying to make people smile. Man, if you have to try to make people smile when taking a pictre, then maybe...they don't really want you to take a picture of them??! hahhaha



20 de Janeiro de 2013

Here in Germany you often say "Ameisenscheiße", what actually means "Shit from an ant" but we also say cheese ;)

19 de Janeiro de 2013
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