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what was the first decision you have made in 2013?

During the first week of 2013 I  have made my decision not to drink soda anymore, and this is my 2nd week with no soda .How about you? Wish you a blessed year full of right decisions :)



Jan 12, 2013 11:29 AM
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Yoga EVERYDAY, twice a day (:

January 22, 2013

Hummm...I don't know why you have decided so !

For me I've decided to start reading to get ready for doing my second degree !

January 22, 2013

I decided to study less:)

January 13, 2013

i don't drink neither soda nor alchool 

just jus,water and milllllk 

and it's good from you to control you doing 

all my best wishes for you to finish the year without soda -the one mile start by 1 step-

January 13, 2013

My New Year decision is to drink no alcohol.

January 13, 2013
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