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meaning and translation

En un cuartito gris
vistan a David

la locura y el anís


Vive en su interior

un mundo de ficción

donde no llega el dolor


Tú no puedes separar
esta unión que durará siempre
sé que hay citas que cumplir
no tengas celos de David
detén el tiempo para mí
te lo suplico


Could anybody tell me the meaning of the 3 underlined words in this song's context?

Secondly, could anybody translate the full song? (the full lyrics is on my aida135 profile blackboard) I would like to compare it with the one that i done, as an amateur.

thanks in advance

Sep 2, 2008 5:12 PM
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in Spanish cuartito refers to a small salon in the termination ito, ita means little hope you will serve
The Anise is an alcoholic beverage coming from the distillation of several herbs which include the Anise, which grows throughout the Mediterranean basin. In sharp flavor when making dry, reaching produce burning in the throat by his near 45 degrees of alcohol, but mixed with other beverages gives a sweet taste and aniseed-flavoured. It also consumes mixed with water, becoming white.

may relate to halt
September 3, 2008
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