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the difference of American English between British English

     I want to know the difference of American English between the British English . and then ,Please help me to a question ,the spoken english is more different for them ?

Jan 19, 2013 3:10 PM
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There are lots of little differences. If you come to the UK and use American English we'll understand you as we're exposed to a lot of American TV and films. There are also differences in the way people all over the UK speak so refering to 'the British accent' always seems silly to me as there's a great difference between how people pronounce things all over the island. I think though many people seem to think we all speak like Londoners.


You can make some general comparisons, for example, Americans pronounce 't' similar to 'd' in words like butter whereas British people pronounce it as a 't' sound.


There are also lots of different words.

Some that come to mind are:

Sidewalk (US) - Pavement (UK)
Pants (US) - Trousers (UK)   (pants in British English means underwear - so be careful! :P)

Eggplant (US) -Aubergine (UK)

Sneakers (US) - Trainers (UK)

March 12, 2013

I learned my English as a child in California (Los Angeles).  I later moved to Virgina (near Washington D.C.) though I also lived in the midwest (Chicago).  Educated English is the same in all three places.  We had guest teachers from the midlands (England) and from other English speaking countries.  Educated English is the same.  There are minor spelling differences (honour vs. honor) and the British are not as fond on the serial comma as Americans.  The trunk of a car becomes the boot and parking lots become car parks though I saw a sign in Fairfax City (Virginia) that used that term "car park" to my utter astonishment.  I vacuum my floors while my British friend "hoovers" them (from the Hoover vacuum cleaner).

March 12, 2013

Hello Tony

That's good question to ask, but it's little hard to tell you everything about the both accents. The most difference between the American accent and the british one is the pronunciation. In addition, they use some kind of words differents and some different expressions too. About the commun accent. I think even the native speakers speak differently, you can understand them if you listen carefully what they say. It's something normal to not understand someone at the first meeting, but after 3 or 4 once, you'll be able to understand him or her.

For me I like the American accent from Calefornia et Bloominston.

March 12, 2013

HI! Great question. I tried to answer but was limited in text box space. Please read my answer here:


Hope this helps!


~Bre :)

January 20, 2013
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