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What is the diference between "good" and "well"? which situation I have to use one or other in?..thank you!


20 gen 2013 03:39
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12 febbraio 2013

"Well" is also an adjective meaning "healthy" or "okay", as in "Get well soon!" This is not an adverb suggesting that the action of 'getting' should be done 'well'. The phrases "get ready", "get back", "get down", etc. all use adjectives, too.

22 gennaio 2013

it is very useful and complete! thanks

21 gennaio 2013

When you learn something new, it is important to practice it so that you remember the rule. Here is a little test so that you can practice when to use good or well.


20 gennaio 2013

what you tell me is right because what it confused me was the answer "I'm good".


20 gennaio 2013
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