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Yasmin Khan
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Do women take less time in learning a language than men?Cool

20 янв. 2013 г., 10:32
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Truthfully, I think gender plays a very minor role in this. It all depends on the capability of the brain. Some men are smarter than women and will catch on quicker, and in other cases it's vice-versa. Plus, the interest in learning the language also plays a big role. Gender is somewhat irrelevant. 

24 января 2013 г.

Sure, women are clever than men.They can do things better than men and that´s why i think they take less time learning a foreign language

23 января 2013 г.


23 января 2013 г.

In my point of view a "yes"! I thing this are for her easier the for a men or me.

20 января 2013 г.
Yasmin Khan
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