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About Destiny/Plan

I would like to know the established Islamic point of view (or if you like to write your own opinion just write that is your personal interpretation) about the following question.


Is The Plan / Destiny done for Itself realization (the coming of God's reign) or is it also done for the single person?


I am not looking for religious polemics.


Thank you in advance.

Jan 20, 2013 3:41 PM
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Absolute plan for the entire system(universe) includes Absolute plan for every existences within it

To get the logic one need not believe in God or any religion.
Logic is for all like sun is for all.


The logic is independant of the faith.
But the faith depends on the logic.

February 23, 2013

, when you pray ,, when you give charity it prevents bad fate occasion from happening to you ,,when you sa oh Allah send your mercy upon me ,, and maybe the next day you were going to die in a car accident but due to your prayer , you will be safe , even for your lifetime ,,, also when you give charity it do same ,,,, anyway just know its between both ,,indeed you do your deeds ,, and indeed Allah is controlling everything ,so everything due to submission to his will and destiny ,,,,,, just the answer is inbetween , neither everything is already destined, written and meant to occur whatever you do or dont and that it doesnt matter what do you choose ,, nor that there is no destiny

Allah almighty have chosen to be merciful in first place, his mercy before his anger , his forgiveness before his punishment , he have chosen to be only just , by his choice to never be unjust  

February 2, 2013

simply its neither nor ,,, we dont believe that our deeds is done by the lord , as he cant judge you for something he is doing instead of you as he is the just ,, neither you are totally free in everything but under his total control and submission to his will ,, if he want to prevent you from something then you can never do it ,, if he wants something for you , you can never escape it ,, but destiny is changeable too , as the lord changes whatever he wants ,

February 2, 2013

I thank all of you for comments in this post, that show a real interest in generously helping me in understanding. 

January 31, 2013

Now my answer that is showing himself as a “teacher” started talking with a language wood and cloud of the name of Islam without knowing any basics information! If you lived in 5 countries and you worked in “twenty” positions from soldier, actor, waiter … to italki teacher, it means that no one accepted you Mr or probably you still don’t find your life way! Hope really you find your virtual place here :)

January 30, 2013
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