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Danielle R.
Resources: What are some good conversation starters?

Hello fellow italkers :)


As I get to know more students here, I am finding that many of them are interested specifically in guided conversational English sessions. I'm trying to brainstorm some good sources for discussion, as a few of my students are specifically interested in reading short pieces, or watching short videos, and then learning to discuss more abstract topics. Here's what I have so far. I'd really like some ideas for more sources!


-Youtube-- I think this would be really good for amateur video viewing and a pop culture discussion. There are also pieces of some very good out-of-copyright documentaries and other cultural education pieces I've found there.


-Hulu-- Same idea as youtube, but with full television shows and the like. I have one Russian student who seems very into American television, especially sitcoms and comedy shows. I think I'd like to have him watch an episode of The Office or something like that, and use that as a topic for discussion.


-Short Stories-- There are so many websites for these, I just tend to google whatever short story I need and I can usually find a reasonable copy of it. Where I am having some trouble is finding level-appropriate materials for each kind of English learner. I taught high school English literature for 4 years, but I'm afraid not all of my students are ready for that level of reading.


-News articles-- I know that news articles tend to be a good source of discussion. They are not often overly complex, or verbose, and very literal, so getting information from them shouldn't be too taxing.


Other suggestions?


Thank you!

21 de ene de 2013 2:23
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Thanks for sharing your info :)

I think if someone knew something in his own language and then saw it in English,it would be so useful and interesting to I see the news (briefly) and then watch them in English! :)

21 de Enero de 2013
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