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白玉兰 The Magnolia

雪润肌肤白玉兰  The magnolia, is as white as snow,

香飘总在叶之前  Flowers Always blossom before the leaves sprouting.

最怜霞中皎皎影  The magnolia are very Such loveliness in the backdrop of the sunglow;

浅晕素妆淡雅颜  Wearing a halo, a tinge and of golden light makeup.


Very good Kim.  I corrected your English as if I have no knowledge of the original version.  The image is very sweet and lovely.  Can be construed a description of a beauty with a strong character.  

If under the constraints of translation...

Complexion, smooth and white as snow, such is the magnolia blossom.

Fragrance exuding before any leaf had sprouted.

Tender is my love for it under the shadow of the evening clouds,

Elegance in countenance of simple makeup of tinged halo.

Because of the word, 暈 The last line can also be translated as

In giddiness before the simple elegance of her makeup.

Of course, you are the author, your version is correct.

Jan 21, 2013 12:16 PM
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