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Should the government garantee the employment of the students or not?

Jan 21, 2013 4:45 PM
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I guess your opinion might be different if you're studying or if you have a job already. Today's world is all about competition, thus people need to be ready for competition - even the worldwide one. By guaranteeing jobs, the government treats the ex-students like "children", people who are unable to find solutions to their problems by themselves.

I guess in a secluded/closed country, this option (the gov guaranteeing jobs) is much more realistic because it can balance the amount of workers in each profession and reduce unemployment very efficiently.

Hope that it answered your question ))
June 8, 2020

In a perfect world YES, government should garantee the employment but this isn't a perfect world :(

November 27, 2013

My answer is no. I prefer less involvement of government is better but I would welcome government guidelines and assistance in job placement.

March 26, 2013

Should the government garantee the employment of the students or not?


Of course not ). 


people even with the higher education can't find a children depend on their parent's budjet!


It is believed that this is their problem. 


anyway lack of workplaces is a topical problem almost everywhere.especially in undeveloped and developing countries


I would say this is more issue for developed states than for developing. And none really cares about that unemployed graduates.


March 25, 2013 my view it  couse the students dosen't study and try to get a good job ...

March 11, 2013
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