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Konnichiwa! kanji muzukashidesune!

I am Chinese but i felt a bit troublesome remember kanji in Japanese.  And sometimes i mixed with simple Chinese when writting .   How to improve this situation? Please teach me.   arigatou gozaimasu. 

Jan 23, 2013 5:41 AM
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今は商店の支配人をしています - ima wa shāngdiàn no zhīpèirén o shite imasu.
or even worse:
大統領は政府に経済的な改革をさせている - datǒnglǐng wa zhèngfǔ ni jīngjì de gǎigé o saseteiru.
警察を呼んでください!- jǐngchá-о hūnde kudasai! (of course, I don't do such rude mistakes now. It was only when I was a beginner)
Although, if you know Chinese, it is much easier for you to memorize onyomi-words in Japanese.

Sometimes I have an opposite situation. I remember when I was at the Chinese language class I forgot how to read 「竹」 - and I read it as 'ta-ke' (from Japanese) forgetting it's Putonghua reading 'zhu'.

January 28, 2013

Hmm, I thought it must be pretty easy for Chinese people to learn the Japanese kanji - at least onyomi (音読み) - the Japanese words that have similar pronunciation with Chinese, f.e. 電話 (denwa = dianhua), 図書館 (toshokan = tushuguan), 乾杯 (ganbei = kampai), 恋愛 (ren'ai = lian'ai), 歴史 (rekishi = lishi), 修理 (shyuuri - xiuli) etc. But of course it must be hard for you to memorize kunyomi-words (Native Japanese words, 和語) - like 村 (Mura), 楽しい (Tanoshii), 食べる (taberu), 止まる (tomaru) etc. But at least most of them begin with KANJI that shows its meaning.

I began to learn Chinese three years ago. And I started to study Japanese by myself only a year ago. Knowing the characters (漢字) helped me a lot. But actually now I have the same problems like you sometimes. F.e. when I try to read a Japanese sentence, sometimes I read the character in a Chinese way:


January 28, 2013

oh i felt same as you in the oposite way! it is so hard to memory  拼音 in  汉语  for me! i try to just devote myself to write down a 拼音many times, same time to read it aloud, again again and again, till i can memory the pronaounce of 汉语... 外国 语学习, 很難的道是!T∀T 

January 27, 2013


January 23, 2013

Hello, Anatkh san. I'm a Japanese, so I have trouble with Hanzi that is directly contrary to your case. I sometimes mistake to mix up Chinese Hanzi and Japanese Kanji. In order to avoid such mistakes, I practiced to write simplified Hanzi by my own hand repeatedly. It's a simple, even if boring, but a certain way for memorizing. 

January 23, 2013
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