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Do u love your mother, then share a few words about her.....

The only one person who loves u without expecting anything from u is non other than our one and only one person called MOTHER....

I love my mom very much.

she has given me an awesome attitude how  to respect others, how  to behave in the society..

Mother plays a number of roles in our life such as a guider,a philosopher,a friend, a motivator and so on.

The only thing that  they want from their children is nothing but love and some time , we have to provide them.. It's our responsibility not to hurt them with our words and activities...


so take a bit of time and say a few words about your mom who sacrifices their entire life to mould u as a good citizen...hope u will... 


Jan 24, 2013 8:53 AM
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thank u......

February 3, 2013

i relly love my mom even though i'm not so close with her. i'm close to my dad even i'm a girl. but mom never say anything about that. mom always ask for my health. always ask what i want to eat, how school, how friends when i'm in hostel. mom always there waiting for me. always be in phone witing for my call. she never give up. she never sighs. she always nagging..hehehe..of course it's mom. but she always heal from anger as fast as i can think. she never get angry more than an hour. she always keep everything in her. problems, her own problems, her husband's problems, her children's problems, always have solution from her. she always smile. she always give the best for us...because she love all of us.

February 2, 2013

i must say thank u for u friend, for sharing lovable moments that u have spend with your mom..really i like such kind of emotions...

not only my mother, every mother in this world plays an unique role in moulding their children as ideal one..i respect all the mothers...because we can easily estimate the person whether she/he is good or bad based on their roles, but no one say that she is a good mother or bad mother because that character has that much importance.  if anyone did so then we cann't give any label for such kind of fools...

January 28, 2013

 Hello jyothirmayee,

Thank you for providing a platform for us to express our feeling for our mothers.  I believe in your eyes, your mom is the best mother in the world.  Do enjoy the moment with her :)

January 28, 2013

thank u very much for sharing such a beautiful moments...really awesome words...

January 27, 2013
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