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Money can't buy anything!!!

Some people are think money can buy everything, but how the world will be if everyone only caring money?  Poor guys are lack of money for sure, but the super rich guys are lack of soul and moral. What's your opinion? Tell me. 

Jan 28, 2013 2:26 AM
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Ofcourse, money is nothing! You couldn`t eat them and couldn`t speak with them. You can feel in love with them, but it willn`t be mutually. Another hand, money is a measurable value of your success, of your freedom to act and to travel, they could support your choice of life style and brings you opportunity to decide and influence on people. You can be happy with money or without. And the same way for unhappiness. But in my opinion, it`s a better way to be happy with success, freedom and having a choice.

January 31, 2013

I think your sentence is a little bit strange, because ''money can´t buy anything'' gives the idea that it can buy literally nothing, and well, it can.

At least in my country, money can buy health,comfort,good food,etc.

Anyway, I agree that it can´t buy everything, but I also tend to believe that saying it is a bad thing is a little hypocrite; I mean, I have been to both sides, and life is WAY funnier when you can go out and drink a beer on weekends, or buying yourself a book or going to the movies.

Of course, it can´t buy love,friendship,and all the feelings, but it definately makes me feel happier,not because I can only think of it, but because in our society,it´s either you have money, either you get to do nothing.

January 30, 2013

yes right i am positive that money can't buy anything money is a tool not a dream that's what most of people forget some people are rich but are not happy why did they buy happiness we can't life beat just cause of money.

the most important is the soul we cant buy parents after them death we can't buy health neither brain i hope that people can got it sooner

January 31, 2013

Money can make my life easer, and even make me happy for a while, bring some bright moments. But money along can't make me a happy person fully satisfied with my life. There was researches on the subject, as I know. They suggest that it is necessary to have some amount of money to solve problems which certainly will make you unhappy, but above this, money can't make you happier in a long-term perspective. 

January 29, 2013
what do you mean of "everything"? money can buy you happiness, is that the real one? will u feel really satisfied with the life with money around but lack of the soul-life? i'm not juding anyone, please don't take me wrong, but only my opinion. thank you.^_^
January 29, 2013
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