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Certified English teacher. I'm willing to take on a few new students for free each week.

I have teaching certificate from Cambridge University on teaching English to adults.  I have some time after work to help a few eager students with their English.  If you think you'd like to improve, write a brief introduction about yourself and why you want to learn with me.  I'm not looking for any money.


Should be fun. Good luck.  

Jan 29, 2013 5:00 AM
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Hi, I'm a new member of iTalki. Currently I am working in Art and Design field, and most of my works are done using manual and Craft technique by hand.

Since language is a great tool for improving, exploring and presenting my ideas, I feel the need to do better in English language, especially my work field requires complex yet understandable form in English Language.

I teach Basic English Language to Elementary Students as a volunteer, I don't have a formal certificate to teach, but I have passion in teaching. I hope you could help me how to teach better while I could improve my skill.

Thank You :)

February 21, 2013

Hi , I'm Jônatas would like to talk to you because i have some issues about learning english i'm learnging by myself I still didn't have any object but now i want to take the IELTS exan and i also would like to inprove my spoken inglish to get confidence and fluency , see you soon


my skype id :jhosnatas



February 15, 2013


i am hadis. i 'm high school atudent and i wanna study in abroad so i have to learn and speak english

i love fun and joking and i like to have funny times by learing

can you help me to improve my english?

my skype id: hadis farzi


February 15, 2013


  I am from China.Now, I am a english major student,but i am ashamed of my oral english because i can‘t speak them fruently and also have many grammar mistakes.

  helping others for free, you are a kind man.If you can help me with my oral english or  grammar correcting,I will be appreciat you.

February 15, 2013


With this much replies you got, I don't think you would have any free time anymore.

But if you could answer some of my questions occasionally I would be happy then.

February 15, 2013
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