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      ----White Lee

See how the Yellow River's waters move out of heaven.

Entering the ocean, never to return.

See how lovely locks in bright mirrors in high chambers,

Though silken-black at morning, have changed by night to snow.

Oh, let a man of spirit venture where he pleases

And never tip his golden cup empty toward the moon!

Since heaven gave the talent, let it be employed!

Spin a thousand pieces of silver, all of them come back!

Cook a sheep, kill a cow, whet the appetite,

And make me, of three hundred bowls, one long drink!

To the old master, Cen,

And the young scholar, Danqiu,

Bring in the wine!

Let your cups never rest!

Let me sing you a song!

Let your ears attend!

What are bell and drum, rare dishes and treasure?

Let me be forever drunk and never come to reason!

Sober men of olden days and sages are forgotten,

And only the great drinkers are famous for all time.

……Prince Chen paid at a banquet in the Palace of Perfection

Ten thousand coins for a cask of wine, with many a laugh and quip.

Why say, my host, that your money is gone?

Go and buy wine and we'll drink it together!

My flower-dappled horse,

My furs worth a thousand,

Hand them to the boy to exchange for good wine,

And we'll drown away the woes of ten thousand generations!


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君不见, 黄河之水天上来,


君不见, 高堂明镜悲白发,

朝如青丝暮成雪? 人生得意须尽欢,

莫使金樽空对月, 天生我材必有用,


烹羊宰牛且为乐, 会须一饮三百杯。

岑夫子! 丹丘生!

将进酒; 君莫停。

与君歌一曲, 请君为我侧耳听。

钟鼓馔玉不足贵, 但愿长醉不愿醒。

古来圣贤皆寂寞, 惟有饮者留其名。

陈王昔时宴平乐, 斗酒十千恣欢谑。

主人何为言少钱? 径须沽取对君酌。

五花马, 千金裘。

呼儿将出换美酒, 与尔同消万古愁。

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