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knowing more about your country

can you tell us about your country?


1 févr. 2013 08:27
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I don't know how much do you know about Iran! Iran is placed in middle east with more than 5000 years histroy long.

We can't see a lot of tourist here because of propaganda of west about nuclear , but what is importantis that the people here are so hospitality and warm! We have very nice place in Iran , beach , mountain , forest and desert, and a lot of monumments place that famous one is Perspolis in Shiraz.

I hope see you soon in Iran.

1 février 2013

I am  from china .It  is  an  interesting  country .China  is  a  developing   country .We  have  confidence  in  our  country .China  has  a  very long  history .

There  are  many  place of  historic   interest   and   scenic  beauty  China .For  example   ,like  Summer   Palace  in  Beijing  ,the  Great  Wall ....... In  the  future  ,I   am   sure  China   will  be  powerful.  I  love  you ,CHINA....

1 février 2013

What can I tell about Spain...? Spain is beautifull because we have different places in the same country... Madrid, the capital, is a old city with a lot of history and tradition an a lot of monumments... Granada, in andaluss, is a Arabic city with one of the 7 wonders in the world the Alhambra! Valencia is a modern city with the best "paella" in the world and good beaches, but, in my opinion Barcelona the best, It is wonderfull because is like a theme park in a city, mountains, the sea, the port, the monumments, the people... you must visit it!!! That's a pity that a really nice place has a terrible politics and the worst economy in the world! It's a shame.

1 février 2013

Hi, I life in Switzerland. For me it's the most beautiful country in the world :)

There are a lot of mountains (perfect for skiing in winter) also a lot of lakes (perfect for cooling-down on hot summerdays and to hang around with friends) we have a lot of public trains and buses to go easy to all destinations in Switzerland.

In the north of Switzerland we speak german.

In the east of Switzerland we speak rath-romance.

In the south of Switzerland we speak italian.

In the west of Switzerland we speak french.

1 février 2013
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