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proud to be a Filipino^_^ enjoy owkie..i would like to share something about my country which is PHILIPPINES....
only the basic ones...coz i know culture is a very broad term to discuss.....
obviously when you will try to look up my country in the map..
it is an archipelago consist of more that 7,107 islands..

with regards to our culture..
we have our major religion which is Roman Catholic...
and our national language is called FILIPINO not Tagalog
(Tagalog was the former name of our national language
but its recognzed now as the language of the northern part not the whole country)
when you will heard our is somewhat related to spanish
coz we're highly influenced by the spanish culture
considering our country being invaded for more than 300 years...
the invasion made some significant advantage also..
---for example we always have a celebration of the saints called Fiesta (which came form spanish)
--our major religion was brought here by spaniard soldiers....
--and many more like cockfights....and some animal racing competition...

anyway we had also our very own culture
which includes our traditional beliefs about having Gods and Godesses
called Anitos..Diwata..etc....
and our main way of life is agriculture.....

now let's go to our educational system...
we have : preschoolers
                  kinder (ages from 5-6)
                  primary / elementary (we spent 6 years in this stage)
                  secondary / highschool (4 years)
                  college (normally 4 years and more for other courses)

as you can see we dont have junior years hehehe

we only have two seasons namely 
wet (rainy) and dry (sunny)
hahha i envy winter season since i was born hahaha 

owkie so much for now hehehe
be happy always
3. Sept 2008 13:00
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hahha 20 years? that would be too long kefan heheh
but it will really took you 20 years if you will use barely your feet heheh
it just consist of small islands....and
only three big islands
3. September 2008
“an archipelago consist of more that 7,107 islands”  SO COOL! 
It will cost me nearly 20 years to tour all the islands if I visit one island per day~ @,@
3. September 2008
Your country is very interesting, I do learn more about Philippins from. Originally i only know Philippins is just a small country consisting of many islands. Thanks for your introduction. And I come from China, also with many many civilazation of at least 5000 years. I do not know how to introduce it. China is so big that consist of various topography and weather. We also have many religions in china but majoring in Buddhism. Our Buddhism comes from Indian, and spread broadly. As for the language, i can not account how many languages in china , maybe several hundreds, just too many to estimate. but we usually communicate in Mandarin. Chinese culture has attracted more and more foreigners coming here, and more foreigner began to learn chinese for more understanding of china.
3. September 2008
hahahha you envy huh...
3. September 2008
Well, it's a wonderful country, circled by  sea !
I envy someone who live by the sea since i was born hahaha !
3. September 2008
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