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Can you help me my Chinese learning ? Ni3 neng2 bang1zhu4 wo3 zai4 wo3de zhong1wen2 qiu4xue4 ma ? Please correct it. Please pinin & Chinese. Xie4 xie4.Can you help me IN in my Chinese learning ? It is a typing error. Sorry.
Feb 3, 2013 5:44 PM
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Can you help me IN my Chinese learning ? Previously I did not use IN. It is a typing error.
February 4, 2013
xie4 xie4.
February 4, 2013
ni3 neng2 bang1 (zhu4) wo3 xue2 xi2 zhong1 wen2 ma ? 你能帮(助)我学习中文吗? '吗' is pronounced in the neutral tone. PS: I think that you need to add 'with' after 'help me', though I'm not sure of it.
February 4, 2013
correction: ni3 neng2 bang1 zhu4 wo3 xue2 xi2 zhong1 wen2 ma1 ? 你 能 帮 助 我 学 习 中 文 吗? (it's the third time to see that can I know what the numbers were used for) :)
February 3, 2013
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