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Helen Park
Make Friends~~~~~


My name's Helen and I'm 16 years old.~

And I'm Korean. 

I need a friend from Korea (Seoul) because I want to visit Korea in september.. and I want to make friends with korean, kkk~

But my korean is bad but... I'm friendly (?), yeah. I will try to do my best.

So... i will be waiting ^-^

5 Şub 2013 12:21
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I think we're the same! I'm half though.Nice to meet you! 

3 Mayıs 2013

Hello i'm korean

i live in korea and i'm 18

i want a meet you in korea  ㅎㅎ

this is my kakaotalk id  : seoyeon94



4 Nisan 2013

Hi, how are you ? Do you reply for me ?

29 Mart 2013

my name is Annu but i'm not from korea. Ops!

17 Mart 2013

hi there


27 Şubat 2013
Helen Park
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