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Zeeshan Shaikh
Do you think arranged marriages are a good idea?

An arranged marriage is the traditional way of getting married in some countries in which, usually, the parents of the guy and the girl find a match for them based on their preferences and "setup" their marriage for them.


Mostly, the guy and the girl getting married have not met each other before and get to know each other properly after the marriage has been done.


Do you think it's a good idea? If not, why? Please do mention the reason for your answer.

6 февр. 2013 г., 20:15
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Arrange marriages are a tradition, so it has to match up with the values of the culture.
Arrange marriages in the US wouldn't go well, since it conflicts with common American values.
For a culture more unitary, it could work, but an individualistic culture wouldn't be suited with an arranged marriage. 
Are arranged marriages bad? I can't be the judge of that since I am part of a society that doesn't have much experience with it, my values interfere with the idea of a unitary decision in my personal life.

11 марта 2018 г.
After defending marriage based on a personal choice for a while, I have radically changed my opinion lately towards arranged marriage.
The reason is simple: the Data on divorce rate. They are growing more and more as people get married because of a "coup de foudre" (romantic)
Arranged marriage had and could still have the advantage of having a third part (parents or a marriage arranger) who give a more objective opinion on the suitability of a union.
The third part helps to assess important things like common backgrounds ans common goals that are more important than the romantic aspect only to make a marriage more enjoyable.
Marriage is a matter of being in love even without that romantic feeling. And true love persists thanks to more objective things than romance only.
People can still get married even if they are not in love, but are good friends or can become (because they have some common goals). If their friendship is true they will fall in love and have a lasting marriage.
11 марта 2018 г.
Jack, how did you manage to dig out all the "marriage" related threads and what made you to do so? Just curious:)
11 марта 2018 г.

Well ofcourse its good for men

but it sucks for a woman. If i ever got into an arranged marriage i would definetely get a divorce and get out of that situation. 

For women, arranged marriage means: "your job is to clean clean clean.. take care of the kids... cook cook cook... oh and live only for your husband

11 февраля 2013 г.
That is also dependent upon to what extent the marriage is "arranged".  Most parents wish their daughters can marry a good man with comfortable income and decent position. Probably it sounds ridiculous but in some of the traditional societies where little information about outside world is available, arranged marriage seems to be a necessary evil to practice. 
12 марта 2018 г.
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