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skype group chat for non-native speakers!

Skype ID: dulat-sdu


Some rules for those who would like to join skype group

1. Coherence of your speech. pls make sure that your are prepared to topics that are given in advance.

2. Adequacy of your behaviour durin` the skype chat. Don`t make us and you fool. we are here to get somethin` from each other.

3. in addition, if don`t have enough time to skype group chattin`, my advise don`t join pls. Because each member of skype clubs respect`s their ideas, and being online for 20-15 minutes each day is not effective,and you waste other`s time and your own time. Unlimited interuptions during the speech are not accepted, certainly I took into consideration a humanistic factors.

4. 5 people will be joined into  group! ONLY 5 people NOT anymore. that`s very comfortable to speak cause as we know every person should tell their mind , and they should be heard by others. I find this kind of devision very convenient.

These are basic rules to join skype group. follow them and you will be satisfied with your current results.

there are not so many people in the group at the moment. Your participation plays huge role. don`t get apart.

And finally,the topics will be chosen by me , or they will be taken from famous daily newspaper in order to stay informed and share your opinions.

Good luck, Do your BEST!












Feb 7, 2013 10:07 AM
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