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Is the West, by proposing democracy to thrid-world nations, trying to justify its colonial past?
Nov 24, 2012 5:08 AM
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Here is how I understood your question: "Justify" means "to prove or show to be just, right, or reasonable" (Mirriam-Webster online dictionary). It seemed like you were asking if the West is trying to use democracy to go back and say that it was perfectly reasonable to colonize. So, I said that I don't think the West is trying to say that they were right in colonization. Rather, they (we) realize that it was not a good thing, and think that spreading the option of democracy is better for the people. I'm not really sure why you didn't think I understood your question. Did you mean something different than "justify"?
November 27, 2012
@unsungzero: ''How could you pluralize ''guy'' when the others were obviously not expressing their opinion about the my intention of this question'' Sorry, I didn't see the ''one of,'' my bad. Still, I won't agre with you.
November 24, 2012
With all due respect, I think that the following political discussion group is the best place to discuss your question:
November 24, 2012
I prefer not to choose at all when either choice sucks. But I liked Obama. I am just a little worried about what he will be doing next.
November 24, 2012
So you made up a word I didn't even put there. You made lots of assumptions. I checked that link but couldn't find where to strat a discussion.
November 24, 2012
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