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Greeting in Moroccan التحية بالداريجة المغربية

salamu alakum سْلاَمُ عْلِيكُمْ
today we are going to learn some useful words which we use at the first meeting. For Arabs, it will be too easy because it has some shamee words, and it will be little difficult when you'll see some unknown words, so check them as they are and don't forget to use them in your spoken. For no Arabs, it's ok if you don't know arabic, because  as I said before, learning a specific accent is as learning a book. So remember the words and use them with native speakers to practice. Remember one thing, I will always use M and F, M to mean Masculin, and F to mean Feminin.
السَّلاَمُ عَلِيكُمْ | السلام عليكم |salamu 3alakum [hello]
وَعَلِيكُمُ السَّلاَمْ | وعليكم السلام |wa3alum salam [respond of hello]
صْبَاحْ لْخِيرْ صباح الخير | sbaa7 l5eer [good morning]
مْسَا الخِيرْ | مساء الخير | msaa l5eer [good evening]
أَشْنُو سْمِيْتَكْ؟ ما اسمك؟ | ashnu smiytak? [what's your name]
سْمِيْتِي  | اسمي |smiytee [my name is]
سْمِيْتَكْ اسمكَ| اسمكِ | smiytak [your name is M&F]
سْمِيتُو | اسمه |smiytu [his name is]
سْمِيتْهَا  اسمها |smiytha [her name is]    
مَتْشَرْفِينْ | متشرف | متشرفة |matsharfeen [ nice to meet you M&F]
كِي دَايَرْ؟ كِيفْ دَايَرْ؟ | كيف حالكَ؟ | ki dayr? / keef dayar? [how are you M]
كِي دَايْرَة؟ كيِفْ دَايْرَة؟ | كيف حالكِ؟ | ki dayra?/ keef dayra? [how are you F]
لاَ بَاسْ؟ | هل أنت بخير؟ | laa baas?  [are you fine? M&F]
لاَبَاسْ الحَمْدُ للَّه  | بخير الحمد لله |laa baas l7amdu lilah [i am fine M&F]
بِخِيرْ الحَمْدُ لِلَّه  | بخير الحمد لله | bi5eer l7amdu lilah [I am fine M&F]
كُلْشِي بِخِيرْ | كل شيء جيد  |kulshi bikheer  [everything's good]
بَسْلاَمَة  | مع السلامة | baslama [good bye]
That's moroccan! Have fun!
baslama بسلامة

Feb 9, 2013 10:54 AM
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