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Bahasa Indonesian as a native language

Hi everyone! I seem to get contradictory answers to this question so I'd like to hear your opinion: Do many Indonesians speak Bahasa Indonesia as their native language (ie they speak it at home)? Does it vary from one place to the other? Do young people use the language more than their parents?



Feb 10, 2013 4:37 AM
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Waw , Indonesians are really friendly! 

November 9, 2013

I find Indonesian culture very exotic and interesting (probably because I don't know much about it), and I feel I will learn alot about it by learning the language. It seems like a very enriching experience!


But is Indonesian only used for public matters or is it also used on a day to day basis? Do many people actually speak it as their native language?

February 10, 2013

Hello Pierre. Glad to know that you are interested to learn Indonesian (Bahasa). Regarding to your question; actually Indonesia has five big islands (Sumatera, Kalimantan, Jawa, Sulawesi, Papua islands). In each island there are many provinces which has their own vernacular though they just use the vernacular in home or in therir community internally. Meanwhile, they still use Indonesian (Bahasa) in public matters.


anyway, why you are interested to study Indonesian (Bahasa)?

February 10, 2013

hey, Pierre.. just saw your question, and it's actually an interisting question,
Indonesia is very big country and has many islands and places that have their own vernacular. In my island west nusa Tenggara (NTB) there are a few of ethnic groups that speak their vernacular and don't speak any single word in Indonesian, they don't even understand it. especially for those who live in rural places, but they do interaction with people in the city when they need to shop their needs, fortunately they have the translator (the one who understands their language :D) . But mostly, Indonesian is used as general language and i do speak Indonesian at home, because my family come from different ethnicity, mom is from Java, dad is from Riau (sumatra island), my other family members are from West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

July 13, 2013

Well Pierre,


Indonesian language is our national language. It is kinds of formal language. We use it only when we meet strangers, older people for example who are superior than us, or people outisde our city, just to make the communication run well.


We rarely speak Indonesian language in daily life, almost never. If we insist to use it in our daily life, people will consider us as weird people or the worst thing they will think you mock them ironically or people will laugh you.


We have various languages that we use in our daily life, depends on city we live in or ethnicity. About ethnicity, well usually you can speak that if you grow up with your parents by using that language in your daily life.


I will give you examples.


IEnglish Language :  I have not eaten yet.

Indonesian Language : Saya belum makan (Formal)

                                    Aku belum makan (Informal)

Palembang language (City Language):  Aku belom makan.

Komering Language (Ethnicity Language) : Mak kong mongan.





November 9, 2013
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