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I was _______ ____ of the club for being too loud and obnoxious.


bossed around

chickened out

ripped off

kicked out

wiped off

pay off

dragged on

Feb 10, 2013 3:06 PM
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I was kicked out of the club for being too loud and obnoxious.

"How dare they treat me like this?" I muttered to myself.

Being too loud was just their story and that's not the whole story. The reason why I began aruging loudly simply because I was overcharged and ripped off. I just wanted to get my money back.

"I was not bossing them around, things were not like they said" I told the police officer, wipping tears off my face.


I thought I'd take them to the court, but I chickened out when I was told I might be retalitated. Apart from that, I heard that the leagl process to settle such dispute in court could drag on for years and the effort might not pay off in the end.

February 11, 2013
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