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Questions about idioms

Post your questions about idioms you have heard here.

Feb 10, 2013 3:16 PM
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The phrase "go bananas" may be associated with wild activities by monkeys who became acclimated to bananas as food (similar to the phrase go ape).
Or it may refer to wild, drunken behavior caused by drinking Indonesian native concoctions made from fermented bananas.
February 15, 2013

Thank you Ma'am.

I would also like to know where the idiom "Go bananas" comes from?


February 15, 2013

Make no bones about it.

to make no mistake (about it); no need to doubt it; absolutely.
Examples: This is the greatest cake I've ever eaten. Make no bones about it.
Make no bones about it, Mary is a great singer.
February 11, 2013

How can I use 'make no bones about something' in a sentence?

February 11, 2013
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